Port of Cape Town

The Port of Cape Town is ideally situated, forming the gateway between North, East and the West, and offers all the essential services required by a ship owner or charterer:

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Marine services

Cape Town is one of only two ports in South Africa equipped with a vessel service centre. The system is designed to transmit information to vessels in high-density traffic areas, particularly in narrow channels and port approaches. This system also improves the planning of arrivals and departures, increasing productivity levels in the port.

The port is equipped with 4 Voith Sneider tractor tugs (each with a bollard pull of 42 tonnes) and 2 small conventional twin screw tugs, each with a bollard pull of 11 tonnes, 2 pilot boats and 3 launches.

The port also has a 200 tonne Eglf propelled floating crane which has a maximum reach of 24 meters and at the reach can lift 125 tonnes.

Bunkering facilities

The Port of Cape Town is central to any number of important sea routes, making it a logical choice for re-fuelling the world fleet. With a large refinery nearby, Cape Town is geared to handle most types of vessels.

The bunkering service is backed up by a self propelled bunker barge which can deliver both marine fuel and gas oil at any berth within the port. Unfortunately the bunker barge is not permitted to bunker vessels at the anchorage or calling off port limits.

Repair facilities

The Sturrock Dry Dock has a length of 365 metres, a width of 45 metres and 7 shore cranes ranging from 4 - 50 tonne capacity.

The smaller Robinson Dry Dock is 165 metres long and 21 metres wide with one 15 tonne and three 5 tonne cranes. The port has a synchrolift capable of lifting a vessel of 1750 tonne. There is also a repair quay available measuring 458 metres in length, which has two 15 tonne shore cranes.

Three ship repair companies are situated in Cape Town namely Dormac Marine, DCD Dorbyl and Globe Engineering. These three companies have almost a centuries experience each in the repair industry and offer a comprehensive range of ship repair services. All three companies are located in and around the Sturrock Dry-dock area.

Off port limit services

This service avoids port call costs and possible delays, with vessels serviced whilst they remain steaming, serviced by helicopter or launch.

Offering helicopter services, Court Helicopters is an international company.

The Cape Town office services vessels ranging from 7 90 nautical miles. Using the Sikorsky S-6IN, the helicopter can carry 24 passengers and a payload of 1500 kg. With a cruising speed of 110 knots, the Sikorsky can operate in all weather conditions, carrying its load internally or on an under-sling.

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The vessel does not reduce speed when serviced by a helicopter.

The launch service is operated by Carrier Marine Services. Cape Town and Durban have 4 and 3 launches respectively. The launches vary in size, with the largest having a GRT of 159.4 tonnes and a length of 29.26 metres. The launch has a deck area of 95 square metres and a load capacity of 47 tonnes this launch supplies 40 tons of Gas Oil and 100 tons of fresh water and is fitted with a hydraulic deck crane which has a lifting capacity of 1 500 kilograms.

This launch however cannot operate in adverse weather conditions which pertains mainly from May to August in Cape Town.

Exchange of crew

Cape Town has an International airport situated about 20 kilometers from the city centre and covers all major destinations around the world at the frequency required to transport crew efficiently.

A courier service ensures that all crew joining or leaving a vessel are safely transported to the airport and vice versa. Staff are well-versed with customs and immigration requirements and we offer a 24 hour, 365 days a year service.

Hotels range from 3 to 5 star in status and are close to transport and shopping facilities.